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I-25 accident update: Horrific accident involving dozens of cars shuts down I-25

A horrific I-25 accident has left at least one person dead and several more injured Saturday when under heavy snow conditions, dozens of vehicles collided in Denver, Colorado, officials said. According to an updated report from the Denver Channel on March 1, the I-25 accident, which reportedly involved 104 cars, caused nightmarish traffic conditions and vehicles were virtually at a standstill for more than a mile.

Police say the I-25 accident happened around 11 a.m. and officials believe icy road conditions and fog were a major factor in the deadly pile-up, which closed I-25 for almost five hours.

Driver Carlos Davila, who was involved in the I-25 accident, spoke to news sources about what he witnessed at the time of the incident and he said....“It was pretty quick. It was pretty fast. I saw red lights, next thing you know I’m under somebody else’s car,” Davila expressed.

The I-25 accident prompted a tremendous response from Denver fire personnel and paramedics. Thirty people were transported to nearby hospitals for injuries they sustained from the accident.

"This is a very difficult scene, it’s scattered over a long distance under difficult conditions and we’re doing everything we can to get people safe, get them transported and those who didn't have injuries, keep them warm and dry," Denver Health chief paramedic Scott Bookman said.

Medical Center Denver Health reported that many patients had arrived, and local television said that drivers and passengers who were not injured were evacuated from the area on buses.

Hours before the I-25 accident, state authorities had closed the flow channels on Interstate 70 westbound due to hazardous road conditions.

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The Avalanche Information Center Colorado indicated that at ten o'clock (local time), some areas of Denver had accumulated between 25 and 29 inches of snow.

Driving conditions in Denver are still hazardous and most roads remain icy and snow packed. North Denver News reports that CDOT remains on full snow shift with nearly one hundred snow plows and four large tankers clearing the roadways of snow and ice. Authorities are insisting that motorists avoid roadways unless absolutely necessary. As of the time of this report, crews are working diligently to clean up debris from the I-25 accident.

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