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Hyundai's growth in America

American carmakers have been on the ropes in multi ring fight for years. The competition is coming from nowhere new, but the fighter is fighting something all new. Hyundai is attacking every carmaker in the U.S with out saying a bad word about any other automakers. While at the same time having its own Identity crisis, or maybe they have just found out how to sell cars.

The Sonata has been the unofficial flagship of Hyundai since it started selling better than Starbucks coffee. A sedan that has many different faces as the company its self and is backed by the best warranty in the U.S. It can compete with any sedan on the market today, the Ford Fusion, Nissan Altima, because of its abundance of options.

Somewhere not many car companies can compete is the supreme luxury car market. Mercedes, BMW, Bentley now have the Hyundai Equus to fight. With Luxury wood and comfort controls, entertainment systems that sound good at low levels and cranked to 11.
The middle class, who before now could not think of affording such luxury now has a chance to see it, parked his or her own drive way every night. The Equus would and should be marketed to and older market that aren’t here for speed, but seek class.

For the group of people who do select the need for speed Hyundai’s Tiburon come pre customized in the manner that fits the tuner car. A high revving 4-cylinder engine that sounds like that high-pitched noise most people who tune cars work for.

This is where Hyundai might have an issue, or have they gotten super smart and figured out the mathematical equations to market to everyone in America. Hyundai has done this before with different cars. The Sonata was a higher luxury car that failed to meet standards of luxury. The Tiburon was a failed attempt to reach tuners because of a lack of after market parts. Honda and Toyota have a huge cultish aftermarket following of bolt on parts.

The several Hyundai dealerships here in central Ohio have grown exponentially in the last decade and don’t seem to be slowing down. 


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