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Hyundai’s Elantra Coupe gets drop-kicked from 2015 lineup

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We must bid adieu to yet another vehicle that won’t be joining the likes of the 2015’s, the Hyundai Elantra Coupe. The vehicle that was only launched back in 2012, sadly bites the dust in a segment of entry-level two-doors that is quickly dwindling.

A variant of its four-door sibling, reportedly, the coupe‘s sales were unimpressive, oddly enough this is not a rare situation as far as two-doors go. Quite typically, the coupe versions of popular four-door sedans have been falling by the wayside as far as popularity. The coupe’s downward spiral began when car designers figured out how to make four-door vehicles sleeker, sporty-looking and yes, even sexier, more appealing to consumers who had previously eyeballed two-doors.

Vehicles like the two-door Toyota Solara and Camry, Chevy’s two-door Monte Carlo, Nissan Altima coupe, all vehicles that have been removed from the market because two doors and four seats just don’t seem to cut the mustard anymore.

Are the coupes being kicked to the curb because many folks just don’t like the impracticality and hassle of contorting their bodies, just to get into the backseat of a sedan-turned-coupe?

The Elantra Coupe was a fun and sporty drive but customers might not have been that convinced, as evidenced by the friskier Kia Forte Koup that fared better sales wise. But now that the Elantra coupe is cut, only the sedan and 5-door (GT) remain. But why cut a cutie like the Elantra coupe? Well, according to an unnamed Hyundai source, who spoke to this Auto Examiner, regarding the company’s reason for letting the coupe go, “We are just focusing on the Elantra sedan and the Elantra GT.” Simply put!

So as the Elantra coupe fades into black, interested buyers can still check out the 2014 models that dealers are probably super willing to cut a nice deal on!

--Car Chick®