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Hysterical Washington

It may appear buttoned up, but it isn’t. Reflecting upon a nation that seems to be divided in all directions, its leadership in Washington is representative of the extremes. It is a government that is uncontrollable and predictably dysfunctional. Our enemies know that: rogue nations and terrorists.

Congress is the source of American dysfunction
James George

We are irrational too. Congress passes a law to provide affordable healthcare to all Americans based on sharing the cost equitably among everyone based on their means. Democrat authors left out a sentence in the law and a conservative lower court of appeals interpreted the law as activists and said that the flaw undermines the intent. Those on the federal health exchange won’t get insurance deductions while those on states-managed systems will.

A functional Congress would simply add the missing sentence. But, no that will not happen. Instead our government will go through hysterical legal maniations until a higher court declares that Congress intended for all to have the benefits. Normally, the agency in charge would make that discretionary interpretation, that being Health and Human Services. But, broken government prefers to act hysterically and for political purposes.

Republicans are causing hysteria just as ethnic Russians are causing terror in the Ukraine. A gang of right-wing Republicans can do as much or more damage than terrorists, because they are operating on home turf. They would have it that millions of Americans lose the benefits from the law to prove an ideological point?

Wiley enemies like Vladimir Putin enjoy watching Americans fight among themselves as if dysfunction proves a point for him. Iranians enjoy this because a shaky Washington gives to them more time to develop nuclear bombs. A shaky Washington enables terrorists to have their way in Iraq and Afghanistan. A shaky Washington permits Syria’s Bashar al-Assad to remain in power, and surely he must be astonished at his survival.

Next week, the House will take up the funding bill to see if they want to keep government operating before the midterm elections, or if there might be advantage to just shutting it down and going home.

In a way, don’t you wish they would shut down government? That would make it so much easier for fence riding voters to throw the scoundrels out.

“House could vote next week on funding bill

By Cristina Marcos - 07/22/14 02:08 PM EDT
The House might vote next week on a short-term spending bill to keep the government funded past Oct. 1.

Congressional aides cautioned, however, that no final decision has been made.

Both parties have made it clear that neither wants another government shutdown a month before the midterm elections.

Momentum for a fight to shut down the government over defunding the healthcare law built last summer during the August recess, when Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and other opponents of the law argued for using the shutdown as leverage.”

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