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'Hyrule Warriors' Wii U screens feature Zelda and a magical bow

'Hyrule Warriors' Wii U Screenshots from E3 2014-slide0

The official Japanese website for “Hyrule Warriors” was updated Sunday with a huge new batch of screenshots for the upcoming Wii U title. Link, Zelda and Imp are all featured in the latest images along with some new areas for “The Legend of Zelda” and “Dynasty Warriors” mash-up.

Zelda was introduced as a playable character in “Hyrule Warriors” along with Midna during E3 last week. Both join Link and Impa in Tecmo Koei’s signature hack and slash action gameplay against huge numbers of enemies on the screen.

The screenshots show many of the weapons, abilities and items that can be used to attack in “Hyrule Warriors.” Zelda, for instance, uses both a sword and a magical bow and arrow. Others show the use of whirlwind / tornado attacks, large area attacks and the use of the series’ signature bombs.

“Hyrule Warriors” is a single-player game but will support local co-op for two players as well thanks to the Wii U’s Gamepad. One player will be able to use the TV and the other the screen on the Gamepad. Tecmo Koei explained that this decision allowed them to avoid the usual space restrictions that come with split-screen gaming.

In “Hyrule Warriors,” Link starts as a Hylian soldier-in-training when Princess Zelda is kidnapped by the witch, Shea. While normally a good character, Shea is in love with Link and becomes jealous of his and Zelda’s relationship. She sends her henchmen Wizro and Valga along with a huge army to attack Hyrule, which sends Link, Impa and other characters out on the battlefield to defend it and restore balance to the land.

“The Legend of Zelda” creator Eiji Aonuma is supervising the development of “Hyrule Warriors” while Tecmo Koei leads. Aonuma has expressed interest in shaking up the “Zelda” franchise formula and an action-based “Dynasty Warriors” spin would certainly do that.

Japan will get “Hyrule Warriors” first for the Wii U on Aug. 14, 2014. A European release will follow on Sept. 19 and then North America on Sept. 26.

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