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'Hyrule Warriors' news: Ganondorf officially released as a playable character!

Ganondorf's design for 'Hyrule Warriors'
Ganondorf's design for 'Hyrule Warriors'

Looks like the best was indeed saved to last! Ganondorf has now been officially confirmed as a playable villain character in 'Hyrule Warriors!' Ganondorf's official title in the game is 'The Demon King Ganondorf' and his weapon of choice is the Great Sword, which appears to be very similar to his huge sword(s) in previous 'Zelda' games.

The news of Ganondorf being in this game probably comes little to no surprise for long time ‘Zelda’ fans; it’s not ‘Zelda’ if it doesn’t have the villainous wielder of the Triforce of Power (only half true, since there are 'Zelda' games without him)—which is very fitting, too. The new gameplay trailer that Nintendo released just yesterday shows that Ganondorf is a vicious powerhouse of attacks. His Great Sword is a two-part weapon, a sword in each hand that does a crucial amount of damage. The gameplay shows that he uses a combination of massive hacking and slashing techniques with some dark magic. Some of his more powerful special moves are used to make a fist or a ball of dark magic. Not only does this fit Ganondorf’s fighting style, it looks wickedly awesome!

Much like the rest of the playable characters in ‘Hyrule Warriors,’ Ganondorf’s look has also been slightly altered. His outfit looks like a mesh-up between his design in ‘Twilight Princess’ and the form of Demise from ‘Skyward Sword.’ Overall, this is something a little different for the infamous Demon King, and a good change at that.

So far, Ganondorf is the only villain that has been given an exclusive gameplay trailer. The other antagonists that the game will feature at this time includes Ghirim, Zant, Wizzro, Valga, and Cia; their fighting styles and specialties have yet to be revealed. It is likely that Ganondorf’s trailer will be the last little surprise until the game’s release on September 26th.

Is this it for all of the playable characters? Or is more yet to come? Find out next month!