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Hypocrite Harvey Weinstein should put his money where his mouth is

Harvey Weinstein recently made many hypocritical comments about gun violence
Photo by Charley Gallay

Hypocrite Harvey Weinstein recently garnered headlines for his anti-gun comments made during an interview with Howard Stern. Weinstein said he doesn’t like guns and sees no need for guns in our country. He claims to deplore gun violence, and vowed to never make another movie that glorifies the use of guns. He also shared his future intention to make an anti-NRA movie that he says will make them wish they didn’t exist.

While I disagree wholeheartedly with his viewpoint, I’ll give him credit for speaking out about it. However, since his whole statement reeks of hypocrisy, I’d like to see him back this up with actions, instead of just words. Let us look at each point.

Mr. Weinstein says he doesn’t like guns, and sees no need for them in this country. That is fine, he is entitled to his opinion. But something tells me that, while he may not own any guns himself, he is most likely surrounded by people that do. I am sure that Mr. Weinstein has armed bodyguards. He most likely lives in a gated community, with armed security. There is no doubt that armed security of some sort or another is around him at all times, whether at home or on a movie set. If he really doesn’t like guns, and sees no need for them, then he must rid himself of all of these bodyguards and security with their unnecessary guns. Then I will stop calling him a hypocrite.

Harvey the hypocrite says that he deplores gun violence, yet he seems to have had no problems with it as he has made his movies over the years. He has a filmography resume that includes all of Quentin Tarantino’s bloodbaths, including Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill I&II, Grindhouse and Django Unchained, along with other movies full of gun violence like the Scream movies, Sin City, The Crow movies, In Too Deep, and Gangs of New York, among many others. He says that he will no longer make movies that glorify the use of guns, so I guess that means he will end production on upcoming releases like Kill Bill Vol. III, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For and The Crow. It is estimated that Harvey Weinstein is worth around $150 million. How much of his net worth can be directly attributed to the success of his bloodsoaked films that glorify gun violence? In order for Mr. Weinstein to lose the label hypocrite, I expect to never see another violent movie from his production company, and I would also expect him to donate the bulk of his proceeds derived from violent movies to various charities that support the victims of gun violence.

Finally, the hypocrite named Harvey says he will make a movie that will go after the NRA. This is just foolish. The NRA is not the target he should be going after. The perpetrators of gun violence are not NRA members. Members of the NRA are law-abiding citizens that practice safety and responsibility in the handling and use of their guns. There is no doubt that the NRA will survive Mr. Weinstein’s attack, and will probably gain more members because of it. On second thought, maybe Mr. Weinstein shouldn’t donate all of his money to charities for the victims of gun violence. He should donate some of it to the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Program, which teaches young schoolchildren about gun safety and responsibility. It would be far better for children to learn the safe and responsible way to handle and treat guns from that program then from any of Harvey “Hypocrite” Weinstein’s films full of criminals using guns in unsafe, irresponsible and violent ways. Maybe then we can remove the picture of Mr. Weinstein from the definition of hypocrite in the dictionary.

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