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Hypocrisy in the Bible Belt

Scantily-clad dancers wash cars in the parking lot of one of many Dallas strip clubs
Scantily-clad dancers wash cars in the parking lot of one of many Dallas strip clubs
ShadowOfMyFormerSelf, Flickr


  • Cindi 5 years ago

    Good observations. Thanks for sharing!

  • xexon 5 years ago

    Amen, and pass the fried chicken!

    I gave up both religion and meat many years ago.

    I grew up in Alabama. A small town. To this day, you cannot buy either alcohol or a copy of Playboy there. Religious influence in the law of the land.

    No shortage of hellraisers though. Cause the biblebelt don't fit everybody.

    I'm hard on all organized religion, but those who use their religious beliefs to shield personal shortcomings attract me most. Zionists especially. They're thick in the south.

    Christianity is nothing but a cult of personality. Of a person long dead who was not understood in life.

    The religion that followed in his wake is an abomination. A corruption.

    But you have to learn that for yourselves.

    And stay out of the south, as it's a spiritual wasteland full of well meaning sheeple who are ready to save you in Jesus' name.

    Landing on a planet full of meth babies couldn't be any stranger.


  • MJ Kasprzak 5 years ago

    Thanks to both for commenting. There is a big difference between religion and faith--my faith is my spiritual centre, but religion is about dogma and rigidity.

    However: Xenon, don't be so critical of the South as a whole--everywhere has hypocrites. I was a community organiser for an environmental group, and ran across tons of pseudo-liberals in the Bay Area who wanted everyone to know they voted for a black man but took issue with me doing the very thing that got him started--they were all for a cause until it involved some personal sacrifice on their part. I just can't write about them for a Christian site because their hypocrisy was not related to the faith.

  • ckas 5 years ago

    Of all the human frailties, hypocrisy and intolerance are probably the worst. They are somewhat connected, for you really can't practice one without practicing the other. As you pointed out, tho', redeeming qualities are often found in places (people) that appear without redemption.

  • CyPontuo 5 years ago

    Kasprzak ~ I had similar experience with leftist groups -
    And as far as the judgment thing, stop judging "their" judging.
    Grace is the key and you draw nearer the Lord as you know how much He saved you and admit how wretched you are. Jesus(God) was not saying everything goes, but was basically saying that the law is only important when you worship daily and surrender daily. From the inside out - it does not abolish the design of God for better living - ultimately He will resurrect the lives of believers - some things we will see others will be beyond the sight. Father wants and is pleased with admittance and repentance which breeds willing followers on the journey to the One True God and heavenly kingdom. ONE WAY TO THE FATHER ~ JESUS

  • MJ Kasprzak 5 years ago

    Cy: I recognise that the left is guilty of this, too, and that's why I was quite critical of Jesse Jackson in the article preceding this one and talked about the faults of all people in this article and subsequent comments. But I will not stop judging the judgmentalism in the faith when it turns people away from God's grace because they reject the religion of those they see only this hypocrisy from--remember, Jesus condemned the same spirit in the Pharisees.

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