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Hypnotherapy is mind control (myth # 1)

Hypnotherapy can help you find freedom from problems in your life
Hypnotherapy can help you find freedom from problems in your life

America’s perception is changing. Technology is a focal point, but as we begin to grow, another area on the opposite end of the spectrum is beginning to shine like a beacon in the otherwise crowded world we are living in. Eastern philosophies are taking root in a very western world. A person who once went to the doctor to get a hydrocortisone shot for back pain is now considering seeking out a chiropractor or acupuncturist to get help with the same back pain. A person who may have attempted to quit smoking with medication is now seeking help from a counselor or hypnotherapist. Many factors come into play with this new way of thinking, but there are even more factors that keep people from trying alternative approaches such as hypnotherapy. This article will address one of the biggest myth or misconception around hypnotherapy and perhaps help you to see that it is a viable option to find help with problems you are facing (be sure to subscribe because there will be more articles to follow regarding the wonderful world of hypnotherapy).

  • The biggest myth a person has is mind control. No one wants to willingly give up control of their mind to someone. This is a complete myth and one that keeps so many people from trying this approach. A person will NEVER do something under hypnosis they would not want to do. You can also NOT tell a person to rob a bank and expect them to follow through with this suggestion (unless they are predisposed to robbing a bank already).

This myth/misconception likely grew from people watching stage hypnosis. A logical person would say to themselves they would NEVER bark like dogs in public when they are told to, or cluck like a chicken when a word is said to trigger this response. But think of the person that is actually performing these acts, are they outgoing, people pleasing, or/and attention getters? Most likely; they are also most likely risk takers. They may not openly admit they would be willing to bark like a dog in public but it given the chance to do so and be a socially acceptable action they would probably be the first people in line to do it.

Not convinced? Then consider this; hypnotherapy uses a trancelike state to allow a practitioner to make hypnotic suggestions to a client to help them overcome and issue, fear, phobia in their life. A hypnotherapist induces a client into a state where they are not awake and they are not asleep. This state is called an ‘Altered State of Consciousness’ ASC; it is the same state you enter into when you daydream. Have you ever been driving home and arrive at your destination but don’t remember how you got there? Have you ever been watching television and realize you missed part of the show you were watching? This is the same ASC that a hypnotherapist uses to make hypnotic suggestions to help your consciousness/sub-consciousness overcome issues related to the problem you are facing. It is similar to the same form of subliminal messaging that is built into your commercials. If you are someone who eats fast food you may be nudged a little to try the new Whopper at Burger King over the Big Mac at McDonalds… if you are not into fast food you will not be buying one soon. Even if you are given a suggestion that you would never do your subconscious/ conscious mind would simply eliminate the suggestion and move onto something else.

So the myth that hypnotherapy is mind control is just that, a myth. You will NEVER be convinced to do something you wouldn’t do normally. So if you are motivated to quit smoking, hypnosis can help you quit… but you will need to want to do it. If you are motivated to eating healthier and getting into shape, hypnosis will be able to help you do so… but you have to be willing to change the behaviors that cause you to buy those chips or cause you to avoid exercise. If you want to overcome a fear; hypnosis can be used to help your subconscious destroy whatever is the trigger that is causing you to have that fear or even phobia... but you will need to recognize and be willing to overcome this fear. If you have a low tolerance for pain and want to learn to manage the pain better, hypnosis can help your mind deal with pain better...but you have to want this. A hypnotherapist is simply a person who will help you connect with your subconcious and make necessary changes in your mind's eye to impact what you do in a waking state.

The list of things hypnotherapy can help a person overcome is truly to enormous to list here, but hypnotherapy can help people overcome many problems they are facing in life and help them unto a better path. If you are still not 100% convinced that hypnotherapy is not mind control, give it a try with something little. Be diligent in picking your practitioner; don’t go to someone who is more focused on entertainment and less on healing. Don’t pick someone you are uncomfortable with. Pick someone you feel confident in and are comfortable with. Give it a try, you may find the results are amazing, and much quicker than other forms of therapy.

Have you had a bad experience with hypnotherapy? Have you had a good hypnotherapy experience? Feel free to leave a comment below with those experiences. You can also ask further questions about hypnotherapy below (you may see your answer inspires a new article). You can also email me here.

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