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Hypnotherapy: Hypoglycemia and Agoraphobia

Most phobias develop in adulthood and the onset is usually unknown. The trigger is buried in the subconscious associated with the primary cause. The phobic stimuli can trigger irrational and uncontrollable responses, which can make the matters worse. Hypoglycemia can affect agoraphobia in various ways. When a person is agoraphobic, they are almost always hypoglycemic.

Agoraphobia is a precipitated by a loss of control, there are many symptoms such as being dizzy, unable to concentrate, frequent headaches, as well as more serious symptoms like wanting to hurt yourself, tracking back from where you've driven just to make sure you didn't hurt anybody, knowing where the hospitals are in case they need medical attention. People with agoraphobia as well as who are hypoglycemic often keep adding on to their fears and become afraid of everything. They fear losing control and causing damage.

A hypnotherapist needs to know that an individual who is agoraphobic can’t reason this fear out. It must be worked out over time. The hypnotherapist needs to track/trace back to where the hypoglycemia first started. There’s a good chance the phobias and fears started after that. People who have these conditions are unpredictable in that fears and phobias are irrational conditioning and don’t have to make sense. –a phobic reaction. These are unpredictable and can happen at any time, at any place. The idea of tracking back is very common.

Agoraphobia is usually precipitated by feelings of loss of control. They are based on an irrational fear. Sometimes al the reasoning in the world cannot change this. When the client is going through their phobic reaction they are usually going through an anxiety attack.
To explain any possible correlation with blood sugar level drops. As hypnotherapists, we feel that once the client changes their diet and the blood sugar levels are stabilized and the symptoms dissipate there is a good chance of improvement, but as long as the client’s diet is off there will be no progress.

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