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Hypnotherapy and Weight Gain

When it comes to problems with weight, chances are it comes down to having to find the cause for the weight gain which could be called secondary. Hypnotherapy is a valuable tool when used for issues of weight gain. One tool is visualization and Guided Imagery. There are many causes for weight gain. Some of the possible reasons could be due to lack of self- esteem in dealing with sexuality. Loss of self- esteem and body image can be considered a reason for weight gain. The problem is however, that even when the individual gains self-esteem, the “problem” is still there. The reasons for the problems must be exposed. Still there are many, many other causes for weight gain, such as low self- worth, stress, lack of confidence (Especially when it comes to sex), emotional reasons, bad diet, extra calories, lack of sleep, fried foods, large portions, sugary soft drinks, lack of exercise, medications, especially steroids, antidepressants, anti-seizure medications, diabetes, high blood pressure medications etc.

Some people use weight as emotional blackmail used to punish for instance spouses, partners or parents. It’s important not to try and have a conflict such as trying to lose weight and stopping smoking at the same time. It makes sense that one should first lose the weight and become stabilized before any attempt to quit smoking. A person must want to lose weight to satisfy their own needs and not for the needs of someone else. Some people use sex as a weapon just like some people use sex as a weapon.

In addition, an individual has to be emotionally ready to lose weight as well, and as hypnotherapists we often condition clients for this process. We also know that often holding on to that weight is a way to hold emotions together and in fact also used for oral satisfaction. Our attitudes about food is a really big factor for reasons why people gain unwanted weight. In doing a self-evaluation it is possible to trace our problems back to the cause. More often than not, while doing a self-evaluation, you will be able to find tendencies. A self-evaluation is a valuable tool in helping to expose the causes for much of our negative behavior.

Hypnotherapy is completely confidential with adherence to the Ethical Guidelines of the American Counseling Association regarding conduct of counseling therapists. My private practice is restricted to vocational and/or ad vocational self-improvement. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

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