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Hypnotherapy and the Right and Left Brain Theory

Everyone can be hypnotized. It’s true. A good clinical hypnotherapist will know it’s just a matter of understanding how your client receives/takes in information. Of course the client must want to be hypnotized and give permission.

The brain is divided by two hemispheres connected by the Corpus Callosum. Each half of the brain controls the motor functions of the opposite side of the body. Both hemispheres will pick up hypnotic suggestions but only the dominant half will act on it. However a script pattern on the brain can be changed or developed at any time and any “inferred person” will pick up change more quickly. Some individuals are dominated by their right brain which is responsible for feelings, emotions and creative ability whereas other individuals are dominated by their left brain which is responsible for logic, reasoning and finances. The left brain can also called the inferred hemisphere.

Then there are some individuals who have equal dominance. They have a tendency of at times going only to the left or only to the right. I’ll leave this topic for another discussion.

As a hypnotherapist we need to determine (by testing) which individual picks up information by inferred information versus the individual who will pick up information in a literal fashion. Now, as stated earlier, both sides of the brain will pick up information, but the dominate side will process it, for instance some languages are considered “romantic” (feelings) which is located in different parts of the brain.

Some people who speak three languages as well as some people who have suffered brain damage will all of a sudden only be able to speak two languages.

As a hypnotherapist, with a left brain client, I need to be exact in what I say, as the client will process everything logically using his/her rationale accepting the suggestion. On the other hand with the right brain client, I use emotions and feelings into my suggestions, as the client’s creative hemisphere is processing the information. The suggestions will not be accepted unless the client himself feels and connects with these emotions.

Hypnotherapy is completely confidential with adherence to the Ethical Guidelines of the American Counseling Association regarding conduct of counseling therapists. My private practice is restricted to vocational and/or ad vocational self-improvement. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

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