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Hypnotherapy and the Family Systems Approach

The basic idea of the “System’s Approach” which we use in hypnotherapy is called Corrective Therapy. Corrective Therapy is knowing that every part of the system works together. Any one change in the system infiltrates all areas of the therapy and its associated problems. Just one area of the system affects the sub-total. When there is a change made for example to a family system, resistance usually takes place. Since the system seeks homeostasis or a balance one change alone cannot take place without affecting the dynamic of the whole system.

Keeping in mind that a system can be for instance, a client’s family, their interpersonal relationships, their job, things of that nature, but could also include factors such as jealousy and possessive, just for example. Now, in a family system of a husband and wife, let’s say one of the pair seeks help/treatment/therapy and wants to work on the relationship and the other of the pair doesn't or resists, then what starts to happen is the one in therapy starts to bet better and starts to grow and the other one doesn't . What usually ends up happening is that they will grow apart.

When the therapist first takes the client and discovers that the client is involved in a system that is not working, it is very important for the therapist to first handle the complaining problem very quickly, then add the family systems into the therapy.

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