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Hypnotherapy and Stuttering

Hypnotherapists generally get a lot of stutterers. There are other approaches to help stutters, but hypnosis works best. There are a few important common denominators for stutters. 1). The stuttering usually starts around five years of age. 2). The client cannot stutter while in hypnotherapy. 3). They cannot stutter when they’re concentrating on what they are saying.

Hypnosis can help stuttering problems by going directly for the cause. Subsequently, the pattern can be broken and the client desensitized. Also in hypnotherapy, the therapeutic route is to break down the pattern of stuttering systemically. Stutters don’t like talking on the phone, but in hypnosis, you can have the client visualize or imagine themselves talking on the phone and that usually works. Dream therapy is usually initiated, which can give the hypnotherapist the cause of the client’s condition. There is usually an incident that triggered the client’s symptoms. Once that is discovered, the hypnotherapist has to remove the association with the incident, the subsequent emotions and resulting conditions.

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