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Hypnotherapy and Stages of Development

The stages of development are critical to our growth and completing each stage is crucial to the individual’s maturity, problem solving capabilities, future relationships, self-esteem and confidence. Each stage deals with different aspects of our lives. Keep in mind there are many theories of development, but for my purpose at this time, let’s say E.g. stage 4 (ages 10-13) and stage 5 (14-20) include the development of sexuality, adolescence and progression into adulthood-periods when the individual suffers from great insecurity and confusion, and receives mixed messages from family and society. During these stages, the person develops a sense of individuality, of self and priorities.

When a client presents with an issue, which the hypnotherapist deems is of developmental origin; he/she has to discuss it thoroughly to obtain enough information to gauge which stage the presenting complaint originated from. When you incorporate the stages of development into hypnotherapy you must first find out what stage the problem manifested itself. The hypnotherapist does this during stage 6, knowing we have a tendency to repress certain memories that the mind wants to forget. The mind has the ability to erase memories we don’t need, which means sometimes that the problem has no value.

With the stages of development it doesn't necessarily mean that one stage needs to be completed before going on to the next stage. For instance with WWII Veterans who missed stage 4 in their lives. They end up trying to live out conditions they normally would have if they were here such as infidelity and reception to suggestions. This is the body’s way of trying to fill in what’s missing. So, when dealing with stages in hypnotherapy the law is to always work systemically first, then you can approach the problem another way.

Each stage deals with different aspects of our lives. Stage 4 (ages 10-13), Stage 5 Ages (14-20) includes the development of sexuality. Stage 6 is when the therapist discusses the issues thoroughly to gather enough information to determine which stage the issue manifested in. The hypnotherapist should never ever, try and start at a time that started before the manifestation started

Hypnotherapy is completely confidential with adherence to the Ethical Guidelines of the American Counseling Association regarding conduct of counseling therapists. My private practice is restricted to vocational and/or ad vocational self-improvement. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

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