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Hypnotherapy and Post -War Depression

The symptoms of post-war depression are many and varied, but includes delayed reactions, anticipation of something about to happen and relieving past events. Guilt plays a very large role for victims of post war depression and war. Often times the survivor has guilt for having survived while others did not. Usually soldiers start having serious mental problems when they return home and start having responsibilities and are unprepared and incapable to handle this type of stress.

These soldiers start to relive and recall having the support of their peers in battle where everyone is in survival mode and suddenly find themselves unable to cope in the real world of being back home where the average person cannot relate to their past trauma of war. Holocaust survivors could fall into this category as well. Some people have a better capability to endure trauma while others show no resistance and give up as being seen by Holocaust victims who showed no resistance while being led to the gas chambers. The older a person gets, these negative and hurtful memories start to surface and suddenly hits them like a lightning bolt which often happens later in their lives.

People who suffer post war depression also have strong feelings of wanting to protect their family and loved ones and are in a constant state of fear that something bad will happen. WWII soldiers and those involved in the war in any way were in a different position than the Vietnam veterans and those who were involved in that war. Those involved in WWII mentally did not look for an end to the war. They were in a state to have no expectations or reason to believe that the war would or could never end. On the other hand Vietnam soldiers and those involved in that war always had the idea that they would eventually return home. They viewed their situation as temporary. Symptoms of PTSD of course showed up in people of both wars, and certainly wars since, but it seems like the delay for serious PTSD symptoms showed up much later in life for the solders of WWII, some took for up to 10-15 years to surface.

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