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Hypnotherapy and OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Behavior

Usually obsessive-compulsive behavior is exaggerated and carried into all areas of the individual’s life. Unless this cause is exposed and intervention takes place, the cycle of obsessive –compulsive behavior will continue. The role of hypnotherapy is to identify the cause of the obsession.

In hypnotherapy, the first thing on my agenda is to modify the client’s negative behavior which it causes. When a client has compulsive behavior there is a lot of resistance which come along with this issue in hypnotherapy. I've discovered the challenge is to help the client work through the resistance to uncover the underlying cause. People who are with compulsive behavior who have an obsessive compulsive pattern over compensates in many areas of their lives, which can follow a line of least resistance until they can pinpoint something. They usually get their energies into body syndromes. Rigidness in this area can be broken. In hypnotherapy, we can assist the client in getting in touch with positive feelings.

Normal people who are not obsessive compulsive have a tendency to forget the bad things and only remember the good things in their lives. Sometimes clients who are obsessive compulsive can be neurotic which add an additional challenge for the hypnotherapist which affects therapy. In therapy a good way to help this condition is to tie in the emotions with the physical feelings through the ideomotor response such as journaling.

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