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Hypnotherapy and Divorce Mediation

In California and most states, there is no third party legal interference in divorce mediation. Some couples don’t even qualify for hypnotherapy. Couples who are headed for divorce court are more suited to see a “Marriage and Family Therapist”. Some couples need legal mediation first. The hypnotherapist can work on things like hurt and anger, stress reduction, building confidence, self-esteem and accepting responsibility for their actions. These rules will apply to therapy only, however gradually, they will start to apply to the outside world as well. In mediation, the “Marriage and Family Therapist” has to treat both parties equally, and cannot judge them. The therapist has to tell them if what they are negotiating for is fair or not. The couple is educated on what to discuss-only the relative topics. Things the hypnotherapist wants to remove are the feelings of hostility, anger; hate and the wanting to get even that are present in the relationship.

Hypnotherapy is completely confidential with adherence to the Ethical Guidelines of the American Counseling Association regarding conduct of counseling therapists. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

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