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Hypnosis Can Prevent Drowsy Driving and Automobile Crashes!

Hypnosis Can Save Your Life
Hypnosis Can Save Your Life
Doreen Cohanim

It is estimated that 63% of Americans get less than 8 hours of sleep and 31% get less than 7 hours of sleep. Two-thirds of Americans have Insomnia or say that they cannot sleep well at least few nights a week. Therefore when you feel drowsy, that means you did not had enough sleep.

Recently, I have come home after a long tiring day of fourteen to sixteen hours of being awake, some of those days I have worked behind the scene and others on the computer. Only then, I have realized that lack of sleep can be very dangerous especially while driving.

People whose sleep is out of phase with this cycle, are night workers, such as air crews, travelers who cross several time zones, investors, people from the film industry who work long and crazy hours, especially the one who work behind the scene. I have been around celebrities helping them with hypnosis for many personal issues such as smoking cessation, weight loss, pain management, stress reduction until recently where I have been doing 15 to 20 minutes Mini Hypnosis to help individuals alert, due to sleep loss and sleep disruption that reduce alertness.

When I see this entire people working long and crazy hours including myself, I surely understand why many people find themselves getting sleepy behind the wheel.

And you have experience drowsy driving, then you know how scary it must felt, when you opened your eyes being in a crash or witnessing someone else’s crash.

Sleep deprivation, Drowsy driving had caused hundreds and thousands of accidents, and it’s time to give hypnotherapy more credit for saving lives, and even thought there are new electronic system that may help tired drivers, It's still not safer then hypnosis.

Who can benefit from hypnotherapy or Mini hypnosis: Honestly, everyone from collage students, airline crow, night and grave yard workers, film industry, such as directors, producers, writers, actors, editors extras, still photographers, film makers, makeup artist, hair dressers, fashion wardrobe personal, personal assistant, and etc.

According to experts AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, drowsy driving is responsible for about 100,000 accidents, of which 1,500 are fatal over the span of a year.

20% percent of all accidents on the road are due to drowsy driving, and 40% percent admit falling asleep while driving.

Just like drug or alcohol, sleeping slows reaction time, decreases awareness, and impairs judgment.

How can hypnosis help?The suggestions given by the hypnotherapist will guide the client into the Sleep rapid eye movement (REM), before the deeper level of sleep. During stage one, the client relaxes his physical body and begins to fall into a sleepy mood. This stage may last from 5 to 10 minutes. In stage 2, light sleep occurs. Muscles alternate between contracting, relaxing and releasing. The heart rate slows. Body temperature decreases. Then before the clients is ready to enter into a deeper level of sleep, which is the slow-wave or delta-wave sleep, the hypnotist brings the client out of hypnosis and give them a further suggestion that when they arrive at home safely, being alert, they can continue the stage four, which is the deepest level of sleep.

This action not only helps the client to feel refresh and alert, but they are able to function as they really had a good night sleep. That means their entire body feels alert and safe and secure at all times.

And from what I had been thought and my personal experience helping myself and clients, I can easily say that this experience can give the potential client anywhere between 3 to 5 hours sleep.

Drive Safe and Stay Alert.

All the best, Doreen Cohanim C.Ht


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