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Hypertension - 7 natural weapons

Dark chocolate cocoa
Dark chocolate cocoa

Robert Kowalski, author of "The Blood Pressure Cure," said that in order to lower your blood pressure without drugs, you should first know your blood pressure.

"What I really recommend is a home blood pressure monitor. It's no more expensive than bathroom scales," he said.

Kowalski said he had five secret weapons to keep blood pressure normal, and then shared seven:

1. A tomato extract called lycomato, a product made by several different brands.

2. Have a nightly cup of cocoa -- not the mixes, but real cocoa filled with polyphenols -- and the darker the cocoa the better.

3. Take arginine, an amino acid. (often carried at Health Hut)

4. Take MegaNatural BP grape seed extract.

5. Take pycnogenol, an antioxidant made from pine trees. Or use it in cooking.

He says if you don't like the taste of pycnogenol sprinkled on food, try cooking with it.
"You won't taste it, and at every meal it becomes high in potassium to blunt the sodium," he said.

6. Deep breathing for two to three minutes, three or four times a day.

7. "Find a way every day just to be nice to yourself. It helps you reduce your blood pressure, and it's better than taking a pill."


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