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Hyperacusis Sufferers Facebook Group

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Do every day sounds cause you pain when those around you don’t seem to notice anything is wrong?

Traffic noises, parties, laughter and children’s voices are some of the sounds that can be agony to someone who suffers from a little-known and little-understood hearing disorder called hyperacusis.

Half the battle is realizing that you are not crazy and this is something that other people experience. The other half is learning to deal with it.

Some of us feel we have lost important parts of our lives, some can no longer do the jobs we love or get the education we need, and many of us are battling just to make our friends and family appreciate what we are going through.

Linda Stratmann started the Hyperacusis Sufferers Group on Facebook to contact other people with this condition, and help them share their thoughts and discuss how hyperacusis impacts their lives.

Here’s a brief message from Linda:

We don’t offer treatment, but we do describe what we have tried, and how it has helped us. Those of us who receive professional advice can share the knowledge with others. We support each other through bad times, and are happy for each other when we make progress. We are all human and sometimes we disagree but that is just a measure of how passionately we feel about this subject.

Over the years our group has grown, from just myself to over 400. The members are scattered all over the globe and includes people of all ages, and all walks of life. We welcome everyone who has hyperacusis or a family member with the condition, or a professional interest.

We do not accept people trying to peddle unproven ‘therapies’ and the group is monitored regularly for spammers. We only ask that our members respect each other and the fact that some of us are young so the content posted should be appropriate to any age group. Medical information posted on the group should be backed up by reliable sources.

If you think you have hyperacusis then join our group and talk to the people who really understand. The group is closed so only other members will see what you post.