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Hyper-moral conservatism at warp speed

Are you a hyper-moral conservative? If you are, stop it right now. This rabid ideology is damaging America and it's probably time to start calling you out.

Hyper-moral conservatism is becoming oppressive.
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First, a definition: A hyper-moral conservative is a person who does not practice tolerance; rather, he or she tailors social norms to fit a preconceived ideological viewpoint. What is actually moral in the world is not important to these ideologues -- it's all about reinforcing their own core beliefs by forcing them as the standard on all the rest of us.

Thus, no matter what nudists/naturists say, they're wrong to the hyper-moral conservatives who oppose them and insist that simple nudity is indecent and offensive. Even if nudists/naturists "behave" themselves and remain marginalized, cloistered behind the privacy fences of private clubs and resorts, these opponents continue to demonize, sexualize, slander and ridicule anyone who dares take off his or her clothing for any reason other than bathing or having sex. Hyper-moral conservatives believe that nudity in any other context is evil anytime, all the time.

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If it were just a few Kool-Aid quaffing wing nuts, no one would care. But these self-appointed guardians of virtue, these self-righteous, sanctimonious pinheads make up the majority of our culture and society. They infect mainstream media with their gospel of hostility and fanatical bigotry. They have also helped to elect a bunch of politically correct local politicians to do their bidding in their narrow-minded legal Jihad against public nudity and those who embrace a clothes free lifestyle.

Want an example of hyper-moral conservatism in the media? Whenever a pedophile manages to slip through the cracks, gets access to a nudist club or resort and victimizes a child, the mainstream press dutifully labels the reprobate a "nudist" to do their part in perpetuating the dog-eared myth that all nudists are sexual perverts.

The facts are, according to psychiatrists and psychologists, roughly 4-percent of our population, predominantly males, have pedophiliac urges and most with the disorder will eventually act on those urges if given the opportunity. The nudist community is no more immune to that than any other segment of society.

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While most kids are molested in private homes by relatives, in schools, locker rooms and churches most of those horrible incidents only get reported in the local news. Let it happen in a nudist setting however and it is always, always national news.

Because family-friendly nudist clubs and resorts actively screen people in an attempt to identify and exclude all sexual predators, these places are arguable among the safest places a kid can be. But you won't ever hear any of that from the hyper-moral conservative media who have no qualms about slandering the entire nudist community when one person posing as a nudist manages to get into a nudist club to access and exploit children. A pedophile is a pedophile. Fooling people and managing to get into a nudist club to commit a crime doesn't make a person a nudist any more than walking into an auto repair garage makes a person a mechanic.

Try the news services on the Internet like Google News. Enter nudist as a search term and about 90-percent or more of the links that you will get returned have absolutely nothing to do with nudists. Most will be links to pornography sites, articles about sexual perverts or stories about people with real or substance induced psychosis that appeared naked in public.

If you scan a few stories you will find a great many won't even have the term nudist in them so why were they referred in response to a web search on the term nudist? It's no accident. In many cases it is because the writer or an editor listed nudist as a keyword or Meta tag even though the article had nothing to do with nudists. After all, everyone knows all you have to do to be a nudist is to take your clothes off in a situation where hyper-moral conservatives deem it inappropriate. Nudity = nudist the way they see it.

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Then there's hyper-moral conservative governments. The city council of Asheville, North Carolina, is looking into banning women from barring their breasts in public even though North Carolina state law says women can legally go topless in public. Cited as proof such a ban is needed is an annual topless rally that draws "several hundred people" and where -- gasp -- as many as "a dozen women" have been known to go topless at the same time.

Further south in party-town Key West, Florida, host city to the annual 10-day Mardi Gras-like Fantasy Fest, the city council is taking another look at exceptions made to local nudity laws to accommodate the event. Those following the story closely believe that Key West will likely end up returning to 1986 ordinance standards and will ban nudity altogether. As usual it isn't nudity that is the problem but lewdness, two very different things. The mentality of the hyper-moral conservative bureaucrat though is to do the easier wrong rather than the harder right. Instead of addressing the real problem lewdness let's just punish everyone for the sins of a few. It is just always easier to ban nudity. That is the answer to every problem.

Clothing is good, nudity is bad. Life simply cannot be that simple, can it? But for the hyper-moral conservative it is. Nothing gets in the way of their prudish belief system. Not facts, not demonstrative truth.

So maybe it's time for nudists to take the gloves off and time to stop trying to appease and educate those who refuse to be either appeased or educated. Maybe instead of taking their wisecracks, slanderous innuendos and old-fashioned moralizing we should seize the moral high ground for once and start mocking all the hyper-moral conservatives for a change. Maybe it would encourage a little critical thinking in America. It might make life more interesting and better for the culture. A little push back against people who seem unable to distinguish simple nudity from debauchery may be the only way to get them to accept fact-based reality and solve the problem of intolerance that seems to be careening out of control at warp speed.


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