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Hygienic Living and Practice

Hygienic Living and Practice

By Dr. Edward Meiggs Ph.D., D.G.M.

Hygienic vitality, often termed orthopathy, is the philosophy of practicing a natural and healthy lifestyle. This movement began in the United States. I believe it to be the fundamental form of naturopathy, homeopathy, and natural cures. It is a crucial part of Vitalistic medicine. The emphasis of hygienic health is placed on self-healing as the only true cure for dis-ease.

The basic foundation of fasting, proper diet, and healthful lifestyle are the underpinnings in which all natural health should stem. A systematic review of the natural methods will show an individual that this practice is crucial to the vitality of our wellbeing. It has been empirically illustrated with additions of correct amounts of rest, proper sunlight, natural food, and fasting, one will eliminate or prevent several diseases.

In order to maintain any level of mental and physical health, a creature must get an adequate amount of proper sleep. Sleeping allows time for our conscious mind to temporarily shut down and categorize the preceding day’s thoughts and events. Sleeping gives opportunity for the body to recover from stress and physical activity of daily living. Sleeping allows the repair of physical damage and mental trauma of life.

Establishing a sleeping routine is the first most important action when wanting to receive proper and adequate sleep. We should reserve a special room or place for rest and sleep. We should avoid doing work in our bedrooms. Aside from natural sexual intercourse, entertainment should also be limited within the bedroom. These tactics, when implemented, cues the subconscious mind to repair itself while in a sort of sanctuary mode. Sunlight plays a significant role in our rest cycles as well. There is the reason that melatonin is produced during the nocturnal cycle and halts upon our optic nerve exposure in the daylight. The penile hormone in which is key for the body’s internal clock relies on this biological system. This system, dependent upon proper rest in dark and adequate activity in light contributes greatly to the body’s ability to fight infections, cancers and autoimmunity diseases.

To some degree, all living things need sunlight. Humans require sunlight for the promotion of vitamin D, a healthy sense of wellbeing, balanced homeostasis, clear cognitive function, proper vision, healthy skin and hair, and an elevated spirit. Recent reports indicate that a decrease in sunlight causes a significant declination in the process of naturally produced vitamin D. “Experts” in recent years have urged more people to stay out of the sun, claiming that skin cancer is on the rise. However, more studies recently demonstrated that there is a decrease in the amount of skin cancers linked to average mid-day sun exposure as opposed to other means (i.e. artificial tanning beds, excessive sun exposure, medications that cause additional sensitivity to sunlight). Sunlight effects our energy production as well as how our how physical bodies interact with the Vital Force. Sunlight exposure electrically charges the photons that are emitted by melanin in our skin, increasing the electrical magnetic energy that is produced naturally by our bodies. Therefore, it is essential to expose the body to natural sunlight in order to feed the Vital Force!

In addition to healthful amounts of sunlight, water is one of the most necessary parts of our lives. The understanding of its necessity is clearly understood with records charting back to the ancient Greeks. It must be consumed in a purified state, free of microbes, pollutants and impurities.

Seeking out food as natural as possible to supplement your purified water consumption is ideal and necessary to maintain health. Foods that have not been artificially processed or at the very least minimally processed by hand should always take precedence over unnatural food stock. Foods that are processed lose their energy. Foods that are live, natural and whole produce chemical-electrical energy. Foods heavily cooked or processed retain no vital energy. We need to consume foods that contain vital electrical energy as often as possible. Food is also a form of natural medicine. The qualities that we look for in natural foods are hot, cold, wet and dry. This idea of natural food is documented as far back as the ancient Greeks.

Garlic, onion, horseradish, garbanzo, olive among many others are considered hot foods. Illnesses such as the cold and flu are times that our bodies need such hot foods, thus we should increase our intake accordingly. Cool foods such as mint, tropical fruits, melons, lettuce, and fish are equally important for consumption depending on time and needs of constitutional support. As with hot foods, the time of year also impacts when we consume these cold products. Dry foods are dry to the touch. They assist in the elimination of excess fluids. Soybeans, pomegranates, garbanzos, asparagus, and beans are good examples of dry foods. Wet foods are also passive polarity-type foods that are often oily and emollient in nature. Oily fish and oily vegetables are extremely important foods in this category. Avocados, bananas, and coconuts are considered to be wet foods.

No matter how well one’s diet is, there is always a need, at some point, to fast. There are two kinds of fasting – fasting for physical reasons and then fasting for spiritual reasons. When concerning spiritual reasons, individuals fast to overcome psychological drawbacks such as addiction to food. When this happens, the mind becomes clearer, resulting in a more pure self-awareness. Mindfulness brings us closer to our Vital Force. Freed from unsatisfying physical diversions, a person can turn his or her attention toward feeding the spirit. On a physical level, fasting enables a body to detoxify and cleanse. Due to the vast majority of diseases and autointoxication, fasting has wide-ranging benefits. It also allows the digestive organs to rest. All fevers and diseases of an acute nature recover faster on a diet of nothing aside from water and medicinal teas.

Many signs of toxicity like that of headaches, dizziness, vertigo, allergens, sinus congestion, constriction in the chest, wheezing, phlegm buildup, rashes, acne and many other ailments are remedied through fasting. Fasting is also highly recommended for colds, flus, arthritis, digestive disorders, and all metabolic system troubles. As long as the physical body is alive, a Vital Force fuels a metabolic fire. This metabolic energy is what charges the metabolism and produces the correct homeostasis. The most simplistic form of fasting consists of only the consumption of water. It immediately clears digestive upsets and metabolism hang-ups. There are, of course, other forms of fasting and detoxification. Sweating, juicing, hydrotherapy, and many more are under the category of fasting. For the right detoxification method for you, be sure to discuss options with your primary care provider and naturopathic doctor. Every constitutional individual is different, as is his or her needs to fuel the Vital Force.

Dr. Edward Meiggs Ph.D., D.G.M.


A.R.T. Health

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