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Hydrotherapy at Zurich's Thermal Baths and Spa

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For a country not generally recognized for its athletic prowess, Switzerland has an active physio-therapeutic culture – and the Thermal Baths & Spa Zurich is a testament to the country’s belief that well-being stems from within.

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Located within the vast Huerlimann Areal office complex in what was once the Hurlimann Brewery, the Thermal Baths & Spa Zurich is an immersion in sybaritic rituals, where relaxation is celebrated as the peak of human existence.

Start at the open-air rooftop pool, where you are greeted with awe-inspiring, panoramic vistas of Zurich. This is unmitigated joy: the snow-capped Alps in the distance, the sun on your face – and you in the bubbling water, pummeled into submission.

Downstairs, a labyrinth of hydrotherapeutic pleasures awaits you. Swim through the stone vaults of the brewery or immerse yourself in the meditation pool, where music plays underwater.

Take the Irish-Roman spa cure – and be grateful to the ancients who taught us how to cleanse and relax. Toast to your inner peace – and to Zurich and the Swiss.

The water, which hovers between 95 and 106 degrees Fahrenheit, is loaded with valuable minerals from Zurich’s “Aqui” source.

Be forewarned: once you leave Huerlimann Aeral Thermalbad & Spa, you’ll be putty in the hands of anyone – and you might acquiesce to anything.