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Hydrogen peroxide for whiter teeth

Hydrogen Peroxide for White Teeth
Hydrogen Peroxide for White Teeth
Hydrogen Peroxide for White Teeth

It’s something that everyone craves at one point or another; white teeth. Walking around town with a yellow or brownish tint to your teeth definitely won’t get you a date. From getting teeth professionally whitened to purchasing those glorified white strips from your local drug store there is a resolution and it’s called hydrogen peroxide. The best part is that you may already have it or spend less than 2 bucks getting some.

Hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient in 99.9% of whitening strips. How about cutting out the middle man and simply getting the hydrogen peroxide for yourself. Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria due to its oxygen molecules. These oxygen molecules go through oxidation and ultimately break down bacteria. This very chemical reaction is what allows for the whitening of teeth.

For quick and easy results simply do the following:

1. Brush teeth
2. Rinse with hydrogen peroxide for 2 minutes
3. Rinse with water
4. Repeat twice daily, morning and night

Overall, hydrogen peroxide is usually the first pick for a scrap or cut and last for an oral rinse (which the directions even say you can use as a gargle). With this fool’s proof method you can obtain whiter teeth in as short as a week. This method is ideal for the Starbucks addicts and the like.