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Hydraulic high heels with shock absorbers: Walking on air at nose-bleed heights?

Hydraulic high heels have shock absorbers, they are like walking on air.
Hydraulic high heels have shock absorbers, they are like walking on air.
Kinetic Traces/ promo

Hydraulic high heels are the latest creation to be offered in a new line of women's shoes called Kinetic Traces. U.K. Designer Silvia Fado Moreno used the latest technology along with hydraulics to offer a high heel shoe with shock absorbers that gives the wearer the feeling of walking on air, according to ABC News on June 6.

These heels are anything but dainty and some of the designs look space age, while others look like a tool you might find in a carpenter's tool box. It was comfort that was the first priority when creating Kinetic Traces. These very chunky-looking footwear designs consist of rubber balls, springs, and pneumatic hydraulics.

As The Gloss suggests, Fado Moreno may have found a way to give women what they have wanted for decades, a pair of stilettos that won't hurt your feet. The metal rings that are constructed into the shoe regulate the absorption to the wearer's specific body weight.

The top of the shoes are designed like typical high heeled fashions of the day, it is when you get to the bottom of the shoe that you see the intricate design of metal rods and screws attached to the sole, which is basically a block of wood designed in different angles. It looks like a piece of art more so than something you would slip on you feet.

A lot of work and a lot of thought went into designing these shoes as Fado Moreno did this in tandem with an architect and an engineer. Using sports footwear as an inspiration rather than the stiletto heels fancied today, Fado Moreno and her team put together shoes that put you up there in the nose bleed section, like a tall pair of high heels should, but without the pain.

They gave the shoes an air cushion ride with car-like shock absorbers, which is offered by the hydraulics. The spike of the high heel is a rod that functions hydraulically with every step you take. It absorbs the pressure every time you take a step.

These are like heels you'd expect to see on Lady Gaga, but the great part about these shoes, most anyone can wear them because they are designed for comfort. If you can say anything at all about these heels at first glance is that they are well put together.

The word sturdy also comes to mind, as the hardware looks ready to jack up a car, never mind just holding up an average-size woman. The shoes are in the prototype stage today and the benefits of the footwear need to be studied a bit more, but if you absolutely have to have a pair, they will be offered by the end of this year.

Think hydraulic shoes at your New Year's Eve celebration. You can be the first of your friends to strap these tool-like shoes on and wear the highest of heels while feeling like you are walking on air. These will be the new "must-have" shoes of 2015 and the look as if they will go well with a pair of jeans.

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