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Hybrid Racing - 3D Ultimate Racer iTunes App

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Do you want to be a virtual Fast & Furious hero? Yes, I said it virtual J Let’s go through the recent racing game Hybrid Racing, one of my recent favorites! It can easily become your favorite driving game that you will constantly play on your iOS devices. This stunning 3D driving experience will surely amaze you and if you are a fan of cars you will play this non-stop – addictively.

The game is created by Dubai Police VTC, professional company that already produced some other great driving games. Hybrid Racing is done with so much dedication and attention to details, that it will give you true joy while playing it. The graphics and sounds are amazing and the whole game is extremely challenging and competitive. That makes this game really interesting i.e you could never be bored playing it.

Hybrid Racing includes stunning high performance car that look astonishing. Brands like Bentley, Aventador, Aston Martin, Ferrari FF, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Corvete are included in the game.

Actually there are more than 40 super-fast cars to choose from. The great thing is that the cars are real, so you can really feel the moment.

When it comes to the game modes, the developers have put great effort in creating very interesting Career mode. It includes more than 6 different locations and over 300 events to race for. Beat your opponents and be great driving champion.

You will also like the team aspect of the game, as you can get a driver to compete with or for you. You can even train them and become their teacher. That makes the game unique; it is also a manager game. You can even compete with other teams. Send other drivers to compete for you and see what his good and bad sides are. You will definitely love this gaming mode and the fact that you can choose from male and female drivers.

Hybrid Racing even includes the social media. Your Facebook friends can help you in order to pass through and you can challenge them to race.

Overall it is sure thing that at this moment there is no driving game on the App Store that is better than Hybrid Racing. It is a top quality game, pure example of how every game should look like. Why not try it?

It is free and available for devices that have iOS 6.0 or later.

App Store Download Link: Hybrid Racing