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Hybrid car with solar panels to debut

Today, Jan, 7, 2014, the Ford C-Max Energi with solar panels on the roof is sure to draw crowds at the Las Vegas consumer electronics show. The hybrid vehicle concept car, Ford C-MAX Solar Energi, supplements it's hybrid capacity with solar panels that can add some energy charge from direct sunlight. Add a magnifying canopy that can boost the suns charging capacity, and the battery charge obtained can take you over 20 miles. This option could mitigate the need for some charging stations.

The vehicle is not available for consumer purchase and no pricing options have been released at this time. According to Electronic Vehicle,

"The max mileage of the solar powered C-Max Energi hybrid is 621 miles. 21 of those miles are all battery."

This means that for short commutes and errands, the car could burn no carbon fuels while delivering the kind of automotive comfort and reliability consumers have come to expect.

According to, "Ford ended 2013 as America’s best-selling vehicle brand and did so for a fourth consecutive year."

If Ford makes the solar car a commercial reality at a reasonable price, the trend is likely to continue.

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