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HWAC endorses mothers with the most unlikely of children

Beignet (mother Chihuahua) and Gumbo, kitten son
Beignet (mother Chihuahua) and Gumbo, kitten son
Helen Woodward Animal Center

You’ve heard of adoption. Even animals adopt other animals, but when one breed of animal adopts an unlikely breed of animal, it hits the news waves. Just like earlier this spring when the Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC) introduced Beignet, the longhaired Chihuahua and her kitten son, Gumbo.

The two ended up at HWAC after being discovered in Barstow, California, dog nursing kitten. They were transferred to the Center on Thursday, February 27th. Before that, their story began with a family, a family that moved and left their furry family members behind.

Although the duo was quite an unlikely matchup, once again love proves to have no bounds and that the mother/son bond is thick no matter what backgrounds the two may have previously had. In order to keep the love flowing, the staff at HWAC recommended that the two animals stay together when adopted. After all, hadn’t they been through enough already?

To promote this mother/son duo, HWAC made them the Grand Marshalls of the 2nd Annual Doggie Gras Parade and Fat Cat Tuesday Celebration that took place on March 4th. How appropriate that the pair consisted of one dog and one cat to fulfill the celebratory status.

Thank goodness for organizations such as Helen Woodward Animal Center. They determine the needs of orphaned pets due to neglect, mistreatment, abandonment, loneliness and fear, then they fill those needs with the appropriate people and treatments. Their hope is that each creature will be able to overcome the negative things in their past and be able to accept other people and animals and to love and trust again.

For us mothers out there, it is great to hear stories of triumph for Mother’s Day. It puts into perspective just how important mothers truly are – whether you are the mother of biological children, through adoption, fostering, or simply being a ‘second mom’ by opening your home and your heart to others within your community, you must know that you are important!

Beignet looked beyond the fact that Gumbo was not a dog, but the rival breed of kitten. All she saw was need in the young cat’s eyes and she stepped in to fill that need. Even when temperatures plummeted, she never left her charge, but provided him with the strength to muster through. The two provided each other with incredible comfort during their time of abandonment. Their love was miraculous and their bond beautifully unbreakable!

To be a mother is to receive the most incredible gift that life has to offer. Labeth Thompson, Inventory Manager at HWAC, said it all when she iterated, “This incredible little family really demonstrates the pure hearts of the orphan animals we meet each day. They love each other. That’s all there is to it. It’s not complicated. They needed each other and they were there for each other.”

That is what motherhood is. Celebrate your mother today!

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