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HUVr Tech hoax by Funny or Die; apparently to promote innovation

The Hoverboard has been a dream since Back to the Future II-slide0

It is confirmed folks, HUVr Tech and the revelation of a hoverboard invention was indeed a hoax by Funny or Die.

On HUVr Tech's Facebook page, there was a post of a video by Christopher Lloyd, and in this video he apologizes for "being tricked" and that the Hoverboard video was not real.

He also directs people to go to Funny or Die's Facebook page and comment on the apology post for a chance to win the Back to the Future designed Hoverboard shown in the hoax video signed by all the actors "trying" the so-called prototype.

There are a lot of angry people right now.

"You just make everybody hate you more than Hitler..." said Pedro W. on HUVr Facebook page.

However, this isn't the work of someone bored and rich, reliving his childhood days in wishing for a hoverboard. This was a science initiative.

The message is basically saying the desire for such a thing as the Hoverboard, the yearn that every child had when watching one of the 80's best ever trilogies and seeing Micheal J. Fox ride the board like a skateboarding pro (minus the wheels), is only satisfied through true innovation and pure science.

Science saves lives, takes humans to the moon, puts humans in cars and planes. Science gave us the flu vaccine and penicillin; the telephone, then the cordless and now powerful smart phones. Science gives nature a voice and explains the emotions of Mother Earth.

And only science will give us the hoverboards.

The initiative was to promote the belief in science because of its facts and productions. The grandeur of science's act is never ending and ever awing, so imagine what the breakthrough will be once we reach "hover status".

I have a soft spot for science.

While I do not applaud the hoax, it got our attention didn't it? If we want the Hoverboard, then we need science.

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