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Hustler Hollywood Now Offering SwingLifeStyle members 20% discount

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Hustler Hollywood is the right place for you to fulfill your erotic needs, whether you are a seasoned veteran or a virgin. It provides all those erotic kits, equipment's and supplies for which you are looking on the shelves of the dark small sex shops nearby you but could not find. The staff of the well organized Hustler Hollywood stores is easily approachable and friendly to its customers. This store can provide you everything which you can imagine from an ordinary gift to sexy lingerie or vibrator at one place. Some of the things you can buy at Hustler Hollywood are briefly discussed in this write up.

Hustler Lingerie

If you are excited to get an outfit for you or some of your girl friends then sexy lingerie's available at Hustler Hollywood are the best option for you. You may not get stuff you want on a number of shops even having lingerie's from a number of brands. Hustler Hollywood stores offer an amazing collection of spicy outfits which you have ever imagined to have. You can also get plus size lingerie's at these stores at a very reasonable price.

Hustler Toys

If you are eager to experience the fun of adult toys and other accessories even then Hustler Hollywood store is the right place for you instead of walking into those ugly shops dealing in sex items. A wide variety of sexually oriented outfits, toys, films, restraints and a lot more can be obtained from this well organized and spacious store. The temptations offered by the tore are enough to confuse you while buying adult toys from this store. You should immediately rush to the online Hustler store to get the right toys and other accessories for you and your fiancé.

Hustler Movies

If you are an admirer of swinging lifestyle then get adult movies essentially liked by the like minded people from the store of Hustler Hollywood. The adult movies catered by them not only contain sex related matter but also educational and inspirational ideas for making healthy relationship. Couples living in an open swinger lifestyle can experience entertainment of a new level through the adult movies offered by this store.

In this way Hustler Hollywood caters you the things of your desire whenever you visit their online store without any parking hassle. Recently, has proudly partnered with the largest swingers website. The partnering means the members of SwingLifeStyle receive a 20% discount at the Hustler Hollywood stores.

Hustler Hollywood is the only store among a number of other Hustler brand stores that is serving people since 1998. The first store of Hustler series was opened at 8920 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, Florida by Larry Flynt after winning the case from Supreme Court. Company has opened ten more stores along with its popular online store, since then, to expand its business all over the country. Hustler Hollywood stores are more than thrilled due to their dedication for providing quality adult entertainment products for the swingers of all levels.

Recently Hustler Hollywood is organizing an event Summer Giveaway Series in collaboration with SwingLifeStyle which is going to be held on 14th July 2014 at FORT LAUDERDALE, FL. They are giving away Pleasure Swing Sets at this occasion which you can automatically win by registering your name in the list of attendees. This promotional offer is going to end very soon so please make haste to register your name. Along with the Pleasure Swing Set Hustler Hollywood is also offering gift certificates for $150 and a loot of SLS products at a much discounted price. Moreover you will be offered an additional discount of 20% on the items sold by Hustler Hollywood store only for saying “I am SLS” after entering the store. The 20% discount is ongoing and SwingLifeStyle members can always benefit from the generous discount offered by Hustler Hollywood.

For a complete list of local Hustler Hollywood retail stores visit: Hustler Hollywood store locations