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Husky no: Video of husky saying 'no' when told to get into kennel goes viral

"Husky no," is trending online as this is what the most amazing husky dog is saying to its owner in this viral video. The dog is being encouraged by its owner to get into its kennel and the dog repeatedly howls what sounds like the word “no.”

Husky says no and means it in this viral video.
YouTube screen shot

According to USA Today on Jan. 16, the husky “literally says ‘no’ to getting in his kennel,” and the owner who is relentless in trying to get him in there won’t take “no” for an answer. This makes for an interesting struggle of wits.

There’s no mistaking this husky is saying “no,” but he’s not aggressive about it, it is almost like he is pleading with his owner not to put him in the kennel. Check this out in the video above.

If the dog wanted to get aggressive, he had plenty of chances. Instead the husky kept to his long drawn out “noooooooo…” while his owner struggled with verbal commands and even nudged him a bit to try and get him into the kennel.

Dogs have been videoed saying “I love you” and “good-bye,” but this is the first time that most folks can say a stubborn dog vocalizes a plea besides barking or growling to its owner.

After watching the video for a few minutes above, you will see who the real master is here and who is taking the orders. The dog wins out!

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