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Husky no: Hit video of husky rejecting visit to kennel, one dog's funny refusal

A husky no video has become a hit on the Web this week, and when viewers get to see this grumpy dog, it becomes very clear why this funny refusal has gone viral. The video of the husky rejecting its owner plea to visit the kennel has gotten literally millions of views in less than three weeks on, and shows just how adamant Blaze the husky is on maintaining his freedom away from all restrictions. The Inquisitr tells all on this hilarious canine this Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014.

Husky says no to his dog owner
YouTube Media Screenshot,

The husky no clip might be relatively simple, but the funny dog capture marks one of the first big videos to hit it big on the internet. Seeing the obviously discontented man’s best friend urged to the kennel — and stoutly refusing its owner the whole time — has led the video to be shared thousands of times in a very short while. The YouTube user who uploaded the snippet, John Ventresco, has said that his 11-month-old husky, named Blaze, just “prefers his freedom and says “NO” to his kennel.”

Each time John asks his dog, even lightly, to enter its kennel, one can hear the husky say an almost discernible “no” in a grumpy growl. The YouTube video offered a basic annotation to help readers understand just what it sounded like the refusing canine was saying, yet it certainly does sound like he gruffs “no” time and again.

What has also made the husky no trend become such a viral phenomenon is the funny, peaceful, and lazy way in which Blaze refuses to move.

“The husky doesn’t just say no, you see … he also gives his owner a nonviolent resistance that would have made all peacemakers proud. As John goes to prod his dog to get up and go to the kennel, it goes limp and will not get up to go whatsoever.”

Although the clip itself of Blaze the husky might not be necessarily a need-to-know case or highly informational video, it is nonetheless worthy of its viral status and simply giving YouTube viewers and dog lovers a good laugh at the great ways in which man’s best friend show their personality.

The video link can be seen above. What did you think of the husky no upload? Did you find it funny as the rest of the nation has, with already seven million views and counting of Blaze the unmovable mutt?

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