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Husband & wife tasked with The Evergreens' legacy

It often happens that when a person dies, his legacy of work with time becomes forgotten to the world. Not so in the case of Michael Blake Read. Richard and his wife Elaine have been entrusted with Michael’s work with a group of entities called The Evergreens.

The Evergreens spoke through Michael while he was in a trance or 'sleeping' state and his wife served as director of the trance state sessions. He was a quiet man who never sought the spotlight for his talent as a channeler. However, following his retirement in 2004, he and his wife asked Richard and Elaine if they would be interested in taking care of The Evergreens material and legacy.

“Understanding the value and importance” of the channeled messages, they agreed.

The couple had known Michael for some time by then. He had married Elaine’s aunt, Elly Roselle, in 1985 and she first met him at a family reunion when she was just 7 years old.

“He quickly became a beloved part of her family,” Richard noted.

Some years later, when Elaine was in her last three years of high school, she went to live with Michael and his wife in British Columbia.

“The Evergreens were part of household life at the Read house,” Richard said. “She had several personal sessions, attended all public readings and worked for them briefly as a transcriber.”

Richard also had a connection with Michael through his father who was a good friend of his, as well as a collaborator with The Mind Institute in Ontario. Richard first met him when he was only 3 years old.

“We met Richard (again) when he visited BC in 1995 and when he married in 1997. We moved to Ontario for seven years but moved back to BC in 2006. We bought a house 10 minutes away from Michael and Elly, and enjoyed Sunday dinners together until Michael passed away last year.”

He left behind an extensive library of public sessions that he presented and are now on tape. It includes but is not limited to: astral travel, repairing physical ailments with mind power, importance of laughter, personal relationships, relaxation techniques, meditation, spirit guides, UFOs, the early life of Christ, Atlantis, dreams, sound and vibration, astrology, learning to love ourselves, tapping into the power for psychic success, time, space, energy and consciousness, soul fragments, fractions and elementals, smashing restrictive beliefs, spirituality and how to solve any problem.

There are also a couple of truly fascinating sessions – The Unexplained and A Day in the Life of a Man in the Year 2078. The Unexplained goes into such topics as the Great Lakes triangle, Bermuda Triangle, black holes, Shangri La and the devil. The one about a man in the year 2078 offers “information through contact with a man living in that time,” including his lifestyle, education, thought patterns, values and even his clothing.

“In 2010, we realized the sooner we started the preservation process, the better. That is when The Evergreens Project was born. Congruent with Michael’s desire for privacy, our only focus was preservation, and slowly making digital recordings available.

Due to Michael’s “quiet nature,” and avoidance of any publicity with regard to his channeling, “The Evergreens never had an Internet presence,” he said. “We knew that this wealth of material was far too important to be kept hidden,” he added noting that they had a large project ahead of them. Michael had dedicated three decades of his life to channeling the messages.

“The Evergreens knew their impact would reach far beyond the length of Michael’s career. With the utmost reverence and respect to the gift we have been given, we endeavored to make The Evergreens teachings easily accessible in this digital era.”

“After working on the project for three years and only accomplishing five percent of the work, we realized that we were racing the breakdown of the old analog media and that at this pace it would be a decade before we finally slogged our way through the mountain of material.”

That is when Richard and Elaine made the decision to start an Indiegogo campaign so they could get the work done more expediently.

“Sadly Michael passed away on January 27, 2013,” Richard noted and the conversion of the messages was far from complete. However he added that Michael had published a book in 1977, which included several collections of The Evergreens’ material.

“The most popular is The Evergreens Gentle Book of Practical Living Pointers,” he noted. “Michael and Elly published The Evergreens’ Journal of Future Trends and Directions, a quarterly publication which included The Evergreens’ latest predictions and probabilities in politics, markets, weather, geographical changes, lifestyles, astrology, philosophy, and more up until 1998.”

So how did this unassuming man come to channel these entities in the first place? The way it all began can only be called weird. In 1974, he was taking a nap between classes at The Mind Institute when a woman came into the room. She made a phone call and asked the person the other end a question.

“Michael, fast asleep, answered her question,” Richard said. “He woke up about half an hour later to find half a dozen people watching him and taking notes, most upset that he had awakened. While Michael was sleeping, he was answering questions asked by those gathered around him.”

Michael was in a state of shock and could not imagine how that had happened. A few days afterward, the director of the institute talked him into trying to do it again, “if only to prove that it couldn’t be done.” But of course it could and did!

Since then Michael has chalked up “more than 12,000 hours of deep trance sessions for groups, individuals, businesses, seminars, research organizations, governments, and publications. During the following 12 years Michael offered private and public sessions with The Evergreens, establishing an unprecedented reputation.”

Originally from London, England, Michael came to Canada where his family settled in Kingston, Ontario in 1953 when he was 15 years old. After graduating from high school, he took a job with an advertising agency in Kingston. Thirteen years later, he became president of his own advertising agency in Toronto.

He became interested in parapsychology in his mid-30's and joined The Mind Institute, also in Toronto. He also developed an interest Kirlian photography (named after Russian Semyon Kirlian and also called electrography; it is a photographic technique used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharge from the human body). Within a year, he became the institute’s senior instructor.

“In 1986, Michael moved to the west coast,” where he got married. He and his wife continued to offer channeling services there, although he was “in demand across Canada, the U.S. and the world.”

So just who are The Evergreens? See Part 2 to find out.

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