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Husband Hunting shoes? Really Nine West? Shoe giant scolded for outdated ads

Nine West’s latest marketing angle – “Husband Hunting” shoes and a whole collection of ill-named wares – is coming in so low with customers that NW's approach may crash and burn before it even gets off the ground. The shoe giant’s most recent advertisement foray is getting them vilified on social media for their outmoded and passé take on the modern woman and her shoe-buying experience.

Writes the Washington Post: “Leopard-print pumps, platform booties, peep toe sandals — these are the shoes Nine West promises will snag you a husband. And no, that’s not a retro ad from 1950. And no, that’s not a joke. The latest ad campaign involves a dartboard, arrows and the actual words ‘Starter Husband Hunting… Shoe on the Prowl? Start Hunting.’”

Nine West’s new “Shoe Occasions” collection also feature such lame offerings as their “first day of kindergarten shoes” and the “anticipatory walk of shame shoes.” Copy for their kindergarten shoe ad says “The bus arrives and so do the waterworks. Then it hits you: Mommy now has the week off.”

Other shoes, while certainly attractive, bear similar oddly named monikers: Instafun Peep Toe Sandals, Disheveled Platform Booties, Love Fury Platform Heel, Bachelor Pointed Toe Pumps, Shindig Smoking Slippers and the Foodie Monk Strap Loafers.

"Nine West is getting nipped at the heels online for a cheeky new campaign," says

Some think that Nine West should focus on rolling out a shoe collection that commemorates a liberal, empowered woman, or one that celebrates a woman’s “night out with the gals” – not a collection of shoes focused on nabbing a dude or getting over a good cry.

Many women feel that this campaign is backtracking time and alluding to the days when fewer women were independent workers and more were housewives that depended on men. –

Some select comments against Nine West:

@NineWest you know me so well, Nine West. All I'm interested in is snagging a man. I mean, it is still 1950, right? — Rebecca Gelinas (@wanderlust5)

@NineWest next up the perfect shoes for making a sandwich like come on. Couldn't they be great shoes for interviews? Empowering self esteem — Morgan E Hull (@MorganHull)

You're right, @NineWest, husband hunting and taking the kids to school ARE the only time women need shoes — Sara Lang (@SaraLang)

Sorry, Nine West, but I don't choose my clothes based on finding a husband — Renee Davidson (@reneetheorizes)

Erika Szychowski, senior vice president of marketing for Nine West, acknowledged that the ads may rankle some buyers, but said she does not feel it's offensive.

“I'm comfortable that it will make noise and it will get attention, and my gut tells me that it's not offensive,” Szychowski said to the New York Times. “And it's not just my gut but the incredibly active, large community of people that we work with both internally and externally - it's actually resonating for them.”

What are your thoughts ladies? Did the campaign miss its mark? Sound off below.

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