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Husband hits wife with rock and shoves her off a cliff

Man hits wife in head with rock then pushes her off a cliff
Man hits wife in head with rock then pushes her off a cliff

Wanting to enjoy their retirement, Charles and Lisa Black left their careers as teachers and moved from Kansas to Maine. Charles Black is now on trial for attempted murder of his wife after their retirement was marred by arguments over money and cheating. Prosecutors allege Charles Black hit his wife in the head with a rock before shoving her off a cliff.

Charles Black, 71 shoved his wife, Lisa Black, 55, off the 800-ft Maiden Cliff in the Camden Hills State Park. Lisa Black, 55, fell a short distance. She then stood up and ran for help. Lisa Black told law enforcement authorities that she believes her husband was chasing her when he too took a tumble down the mountain.

According to law enforcement authorities, Lisa Black received an inheritance from her father in the amount of $4 million. The Black’s marital troubles began when they began arguing over his spending without her permission. Lisa Black also alleges that her husband was having an affair online.

Charles Black was banned by a judge from living in Camden due to Lisa Black’s concerns for her safety. He now lives in Salt Lake City and is facing numerous charges. Charles Black is facing attempted murder charges and if convicted could be sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Prosecutors are also hoping the judge will allow them to present evidence at the trial that Black tried to poison his wife Lisa before the incident on the mountain. Charles Black’s attorney, Walter McKee petitioned the judge to dismiss charges over allegations that the prosecutors used “secret search warrants to get Black’s medical records.

Police stated the incident occurred while they were hiking on Mount Megunticook and both of the Black’s sustained serious injuries. According to Charles Black, he fainted, fell forward and hit the back of his wife’s head with his own head. He insists it was his head that hit her and not a rock.

Black also claims that he has no memory of pushing her off the cliff. The couple divorced in 2013 after being married for nine years. During their marriage, both of the Black’s taught school in Johnson County, Kansas. Lisa Black was a fourth grade teacher while Charles Black taught social studies.

Charles Black has also been charged with two counts of elevated aggravated assault and three counts of aggravated assault. His trial is scheduled to begin this week with jury selection in Rockland.

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