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Husband arrested in jogger death: Husband followed wife, strangled her in a rage

A husband arrested in a Philadelphia jogger's death first attempted to cover over his wife’s murder before he eventually broke under a lie detector test. The 46-year-old mother of two had gone out for a jog last week when her husband apparently trailed her in a vehicle. The two argued, leading to the strangling death of Constance Murray.

Writes Fox News on Aug. 11: “Philadelphia police arrested and charged the husband of a jogger who was found strangled in a park last week with her murder, authorities announced Sunday. Christopher Murray, 48, was arrested Sunday morning. Police told the station that Murray had confessed to killing his wife after he failed a lie detector test.”

Murray’s body was found last week in Pennypack Park, in a northeast section of the city. Philadelphia Police Lt. Philip Riehl spoke about Murray’s actions after he committed the murder.

“There were certain parts of his story that just didn't add up,” Riehl said. “[Murray said] his wife was missing but he contacted nobody, no friends, no family to find out if she was with them. Instead, he immediately went to hospitals and went to the police station ... it all seemed almost a show.”

Riehl said that an intense argument between Murray and his wife evidently led to the strangulation, and said Christopher has since expressed remorse.

“I think it was more of a rage incident more than premeditated,” he said.

After the murder, police had urged caution among visitors to the park until the individual was caught. However, as in many domestic murders, the spouse was identified as a suspect.

“The reality was he became a suspect early on and remained a suspect until he confessed,” Riehl said.

According to The Associated Press, Murray did an interview last week with the Philadelphia Daily News, prior to his being arrested for her murder. In the interview, he described his wife with flattering words.Writes the AP:

In a phone interview with the Philadelphia Daily News last week, Christopher Murray described his wife's death as "devastating" and said she was "a beautiful woman, a loving, caring mother, a fabulous friend."

Constance Murray’s funeral will be held today. The couple have two daughters – a 12-year-old and a 15-year-old, that are staying with family. Christopher Murray sits in jail, with bail denied by a judge. He is scheduled to reappear in court on Aug. 27.

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