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Husband and Wives Communicating during Social Events

Communicating within a marriage happens daily. One of the purposes of communication is to share information good, bad or indifferent that affects lives, jobs, households and even families. I had the joy of working with my husband this past weekend and observing
couples in action at a function and seeing the dynamics or lack of communication in action.

Yes, it was a joy because being a people watcher is something I have always enjoyed. Some of you probably can relate to this. There were instances where portraits were taken and the husband was willing to purchase the pictures for the wife to commemorate the night but she did not want the pictures. The conversations were taken place before my very eyes and it fascinated me. Maybe you have heard if the wife is happy the house is happy. If she’s not, then no one else is either.

Sure there are always times when someone might not like the way they look in a photograph. There were some ‘re-dos’ and then everyone was happy. In those instances the wife purchased the pictures. Even when it is something that could seem so minute to one person such as communication about a picture, it can impact a marriage. When you are taking pictures, create a memory that you can look back on and it takes you to that moment that you cherish.

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