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Husband and wife pay each other to do household chores they don't want to do

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According to NBC News on Feb. 13, a couple has an unusual way of running their household. Most people would frown upon this and consider it unconventional. While that might be true for some people, it works well for Daniel Reeves, 38, and his wife Bethany Soule, 32.

This Portland, Oregon couple bids on household chores and pays the other to do it. When something needs to be done and neither wants to do it, they both bid on it by putting their hands behind their backs and indicate with their fingers how much they'd pay the other to do it. Then both of them at the same time show that number on their fingers. It might be $20 to put the kids to bed, $4 to run an errand in the rain, or $400 to make travel plans. Whoever has the lowest bid does the job and gets paid that amount to do it.

Once one paid the other $24 an hour to watch their own two children, Faire, 6, and Cantor, 4.

The chores get done, and while they have two separate bank accounts, the money still stays in the family.

Danny and Bethany say they are just as much in love as when they met nine years ago online and share advanced degrees in computer science.

They have a company called Beeminder where they recommend other games within the marriage.

Would you use this system in your household?