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'Hurt Locker' producer denied invitation to Oscar ceremony

Nicolas Chartier
Nicolas Chartier
AP Photo

Nicolas Chartier, producer of the Oscar Nominated film The Hurt Locker, has been barred from attending Sunday night's ceremony.  The Academy is disciplining Chartier for breaking campaigning standards.  The producer had sent emails out to some Academy voters, urging them to vote for The Hurt Locker as Best Picture, and made a dig at an unnamed film that many believe was Avatar.

Campaigning rules state that nominees cannot make disparaging remarks about competing films.  The Hurt Locker remains in contention for Best Picture, along with Avatar

The Hurt Locker is a taut and anxiety-inducing look at a group of soldiers in Iraq who disarm explosive devices.


  • bebe 5 years ago

    amazing that we ban a producer but we dont ban the crazy, malicious ad campaigns during presidential races...we don't ban the ridiculous allegations on fox tv...who fears this film getting an oscar?