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Hurricanes lose an exciting game

Coach Golden
Coach Golden
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

I admit it; I had no plans to watch our game today. I had homework to do and sleep to catch up on. I turned on Channel 10 and there we were down by 10. Then it got crazy.

Lamar Miller went ballistic! He made the break and ran it in for a touchdown. It was a good long run. How can "The U" be left for dead in the first half, and now be on top of the world on the road? Got a hand it to this sophomore he made it happen in the 4th quarter. Sure Virginia Tech tried to come back. It was do or die for both teams and Virginia Tech answered back with a QB run. Tough luck as the extra point was good also.

Twenty-five seconds left and Miami was driving down the field and getting the first down. Tension was mounting. Score was 35-38. No overtime game has ever happened at this stadium. We see a long throw by Jacory Harris, almost intercepted, but incomplete. VT stadium goes absolutely nuts. UM lined up once again, Harris to Miller! Then the clock ran out with Miller scrambling across the field with little to no assistance from his team, and then he goes down. Game Over.

University of Miami loses. The “U” may be eliminated from ACC Tournament competition, but I am looking forward to watching Miller play in the future. As for the future of Jacory Harris, and my thoughts on him? Spellchecker might have it right. It recommends the option of “Jalopy.”