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Hurricane Wali and your companion pets in Hawaii

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Although the hurricane at Wali is no longer tropical storm Bill poses the threat of heavy rain to the Hawaiian Islands. There is the possibility of heavy rain and thunderstorms this weekend including flash flooding for all the islands. If your pet is frightened of thunderstorms there is several things you can do to alleviate the anxiety. A thunder shirt specifically made for pets works for some animals who are afraid of thunderstorms. The thunder shirt is based on the premise that hugging your dog and holding them close creates a light pressure on their body that makes them feel safe. If you can hold/hug your dog during thunderstorms that would be the most ideal situation for your pet.

Another way to alleviate anxiety is to give your dog Bach flower remedy for pets. It comes in a little bright yellow dropper bottle. A bottle of Bach remedy costs approximately $18 for a 10 mL bottle at Whole Foods market. You only need a few drops so the bottle goes a long way. You can order a 10 mL or 20 mL bottle online at is a natural remedy and safe for pets as well as children. The Rescue Remedy can also be used before you take your dog to the vet or if your dog is in a stressful situation.

Another situation to consider during the weekend is the flash flooding and not to allow your pets to play near streams or areas historically known for flooding. National Weather Service also says not to drive you or your pets through flooded roads because it only takes 6 inches of water to carry your car downstream. Another danger in a flooded road is that the road beneath the surface could be weak and your vehicle can fall into a sinkhole and be carried away.