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Hurricane Sandy has sized up to be a halloween horrorcane

A month ago I was remembering the barrage of "acts of God" over the last two years and thought maybe I should go ahead and up the home owner's insurance premium to cover flood insurance. A couple weeks ago I thought, hey generators seem plentiful and the hurricane season is about over, maybe I should buy one on sale now. Over a week ago, I saw a hurricane brewing near south America and had an erie feeling but realized it was so small and so far south there was no way I should be concerned here in Baltimore Maryland. Last week however, my feelings grew stronger as did Hurricane Sandy and I started preparing. I still did not buy a generator because there were no warnings or alarms as of yet that we should react as I was. I did however start to prepare the house for another natural disaster. As of thursday and friday people were calling me crazy and asking what I expected to happen. When I answered that I expected the storm to land on top of us they thought I was even crazier and some people said maybe they should be doing more to prepare then. By Friday night and Saturday they were finally telling us that the worst storm in US History was going to converge with 2 other storms to form something comparable to the 1938 New England Hurricane paired with the monster from the1991 Perfect Storm. The hitch for us in 2012 is that all of this weather: flooding, rain, 100mph+ winds, snow, tornadoes etc is going to hop shore and come inland to shred an over 1000 mile storm span. Now when considering a generator, my first concern is, will my roof stay on and will the trees fall elsewhere. Will me and my family and my pets be safe. This storm has already been deadly. One photo stood out for me early on was of a man standing on the jetty of a beach. Well that's what I thought. Turns out it wasn't a beach at all, it was flood waters and the jetty was the ground cement from what used to be his home. This I learned as I read the caption and as I looked closer I saw he stood on what was left of the concrete slab on his property. I'll post back later as we will certainly lose power and wifi and so I may not be able to keep this updated. However my cameras are charged up and I will post as many pics later as I was able to get safely... hopefully we stay safe.


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