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Hurricane Irene: Ocean City sea foam was NOT sewage or toxic. Video

There has been an array of false information spread across the internet pertaining to Hurricane Irene. The one that hits close to home, relates to a live report (video on the left) from Saturday night in Ocean City, MD. A WTTG reporter was on the boardwalk covered in a brown foam. The reporter said it didn't smell very good. Then the anchors led the suggestion that it might be something unnatural to the environment...then it spread online with this video on the left, stating that it was 'toxic' or 'raw sewage'. That is simply not true.

Sea Foam was NOT sewage or toxic
Sea Foam was NOT sewage or toxic
Ocean City, MGH Public Relations
Just a normal mix of sand with this sea foam gave it a brown color.
WTTG, YouTube

We had a news crew in Ocean City, and they affirm that it was not fowl smelling. If you have ever been to the beach during a storm, sea foam is natural. The brown color was just sand mixed in with the foam. However, the story got so much traction, it forced city officials to make this statement:

"Contrary to media reports, Ocean City never experienced raw sewage leak or spill. Wastewater treatment plant was offline during hurricane."

See the video and the press release from Ocean City. While the weather may not cooperate this weekend for the best conditions, it will be safe to visit Ocean City. Ocean City remains among the cleanest beaches in the nation. So don't believe the false reports, and please spread the word with this story.

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