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Hurray for reading month

Reading is a terrific way for children to become proficient as writer, as well as readers.
Reading is a terrific way for children to become proficient as writer, as well as readers.

A month set aside to focus on children and the importance of reading. That’s exactly what March is. The month of March has been designated National Reading Month. The goal of National Reading Month is to get children excited about reading, as well as improve upon their reading abilities. Children who are good readers are often better at writing, too. In today’s society it is very important for children to be proficient at reading and writing. Those skills will help be more successful as they move on to college or trade school and beyond.

Many schools kick off the celebration of reading with a birthday party honoring the beloved children's author, Dr. Seuss, who was born March 2nd. Green eggs and ham, along with a birthday cake, are often featured fixtures at those parties! This year Dr. Seuss would have been 110 years old. Of course, it is fun to read Dr. Seuss anytime!

What a terrific time to revisit some of your favorite books and share them with your child. Children like hearing stories that parents enjoyed when they were small. It is a great way for children to relate to parents. And there are many new and wonderful children’s books worth checking out.

Many libraries offer a story time for young children. What a terrific way to introduce children to a new author or two. Libraries are a plethora of good children’s books, magazines an sometimes even games and puzzles. Take time to visit your local library and check out some of your favorite children’s stories, find a comfortable place and read to your child. Reading to your child will have lasting benefits for your youngster. What a wonderful way to spend a long winter afternoon. Hurray for Reading Month!