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Huntley shelter between a rock and a hard place

Thankfully a new boiler will help the animals to survive.
Animal House Shelter

Shelter costs vary depending on the area that they are located. Average monthly costs are around $20,000 (with larger areas greatly exceeding this estimate). The costs include pet food, veterinary care, medication, rent, heat, electric, phone, website, advertising, insurance, payroll (unless shelter is run by all volunteers) and all of the other typical costs associated with running a business. All of these costs are barely covered by the adoption fees charged for an animal.

So, what happens when a monkey wrench is tossed into the mix and the boiler in the building breaks down and has to be replaced? This happened at the Animal House Shelter in Huntley, Illinois on Friday. Practically 200 canines and felines were “definitely in jeopardy” due to this misfortune and the shelter will be financially hurt as well.

Shelter buildings are not fancy, typically concrete floors and walls that are cold to begin with and downright awful when there is no heat in the building. This is especially true right now when we are experiencing the onslaught of snow coupled with the deep freeze coming our way.

In order to keep the animals from freezing to death, shelter supporters brought in various supplies like blankets to keep the animals from having to stand, sit or lay unprotected on the cold floor. Thankfully a new boiler was installed yesterday to solve this serious issue.

Animal shelters do their very best to be cost effective. They operate on a shoe-string budget. A broken boiler can truly throw off their ability to save more pets. Hopefully they will be able to receive grant money and donations aplenty in order to cover the cost for the new boiler.

Fundraisers can also help a shelter to raise needed funds to cover emergency situations like this one. It is just too bad that the boiler had to go out in the middle of this deep freeze that Chicagoland is experiencing.

The great thing is that shelters typically have a community of supporters and these are the people that came forth and helped the animals out of this sticky, cold situation. Many people are willing to do whatever possible in order to keep animal shelters operating in their local areas.

The animals that are in the shelter are grateful for all of the love and support that they received as are those involved in operating the shelter. A big thank you goes out to all of those that made the state of affairs over the weekend easier. Now if all of the animals could be quickly adopted, 2014 would be off to a really successful start for the Animal House Shelter in Huntley. Best of luck!

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