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Huntington Indiana City Council meeting gets heated

City Building Sign
City Building Sign
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Huntington City Council met last evening with the county landfill being the big discussion. Ann Thompkins, director, of the landfill had requested $10,000 for summer help to catch up on the work that has lagged. The operator told the council that some of the work had been put on hold while Nature’s Fuel made decisions about taking control of the landfill. The first vote was taken on Ordinance 3-C-11 with only Councilman Steve McIntyre voting against.

After the vote was taken, and the council was at the point of adjournment, the landfill director approached the council with another request. She asked the council for another $10,000.00 to pay for a loader that was in need of repair. Her reasoning was that the work required could not be done by the on-site mechanics. The one estimate she had placed the cost at just under $9,000.00.

The problem for the council came because the director had failed to notify the council prior to the meeting. Councilman McIntyre said that the proposal had been improperly submitted also saying that it should have been placed with the request for the summer help. He was joined by Councilmen Fetters and Fields, who had voted for approval of the summer help funds.

City Clerk Treasurer, Christi Scher, came to the director’s aid. She let the council know that Ms. Thompkins had placed the landfill ledgers in the black. According to MS. Scher, the landfill has $289,000.00 to the good and is expected to raise another $180,000.00 by the end of the year.

As the rules request, another reading of the ordinance will be done at the next meeting, scheduled for June 27th. At that time Ordinance 3-C-11 will also include the added request for the additional $10,000.00


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