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Hunting the haunted: Peoria's Osuna Park

Peoria Jail House located in Osuna Park
Peoria Jail House located in Osuna Park
Photo courtesy of Peoria Arizona Historical Society

The Osuna Park is allegedly haunted by the spirit of a man that committed suicide on the property. Many people have reported seeing strange shadowy figures in the park. The museum in the park is also rumored to be haunted.

The Osuna Park was formerly Washington Park. The Peoria Jail House museum is located within the park. The jail was built in 1939 and is now a public museum that is maintained by the Peoria Arizona Historical Society.

Haunted History
The Osuna Park apparently has a ghost that roams the property. According to local residents, the park is haunted by the spirit of a lawyer. The attorney was a prisoner that was locked up in the Peoria Jail House. He allegedly killed himself in the jail.

The Osuna Park is located at 10510 North 83rd Avenue, in Peoria, Arizona.

Join Phoenix's Paranormal Playground and explore the Osuna Park. Paranormal Playground will meet Saturday, May 24, 2014, at 8:00 pm. The investigation price will be $1 per person and will be collected at the initial meeting in front of the jail.

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