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Hunting for "Hunter" Boots

Assorted Hunter Rain Boots

As I sit here and drink my hot chocolate I can only think about the cold months to follow.  I am a boot girl, and as I continue writing you will learn that very quickly.  I have so many boots I don't even know what to do with all of them.  One pair of boots that I surprisingly do not own yet are a pair of Hunter rain boots.  I own a pair of cheap zebra print rain boots, but they just don't do it for me.  I have been searching the town for the best deals on hunter rain boots.  

Most of you are probably thinking, well I don't want rain boots for the winter, cause it doesn't rain.  I am going to try and convince you otherwise.  The best thing about these boots is that they keep your feet dry.  So, when you are commuting around the city of Chicago and walking through piles of disgusting slush, you won't be getting cold feet, and your boots will be fashionable and practical.  Surely, they are not ideal for the typical business outfit, but they are good to wear for the trip to work, school , or what have you.  There are numerous colors and styles to choose from.  

I found a slew of these rain boots at the Akira located on state street, but if your interested in saving a few bucks, I recommend checking out a sight such as or even Ebay.  They range anywhere from 75 to 130 dollars.  Once you buy a pair it is a good idea to purchase a pair of thick knee socks.  Not only will it insulate your feet more, it looks damn cute!  

Remember, these boots are not only for girls, but guys too.  They can be sported by both male and female, so guys don't be shy, buy a pair of Hunter's for yourself too.  

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