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Hunting for end-of-season deals can be rewarding and fun

Bisou Bisou jeans- $21.99, Alyx top- $10.99, JC Penney, Charleston Town Center
Bisou Bisou jeans- $21.99, Alyx top- $10.99, JC Penney, Charleston Town Center
Photo by Kathy Poe

JC Penney fans will be happy to know that winter clearance clothing and accessories are now 80 percent off original prices. And the selection includes some cool, funky stuff. 

JC Penney isn't the only local retailer to offer great end-of-season deals. Target's Web site features a great selection of clearance outerwear. Frequent shoppers should know their size in Merona and other Target brands. Walmart's clearance racks offer Miley Cyrus & Max Azria for as low as $3.

The selection has been picked over, and it may be difficult to find a particular size, especially popular pant or shoe sizes. But the customer who finds a matching top and bottom can possibly walk away with a new outfit for under $15. Remember though, just because an item is on the clearance rack does not mean it's on sale. If it's the only one, and it hasn't been marked down, then go to the price check before getting in line. 

Shoppers who can't find matching outfits shouldn't worry. There are some truly unique "cast offs" at these sales. Pair that leopard print miniskirt with a plain black top. Wrap that rose pink scarf around a gray jacket. This is also a great time to shop for hoodies to wear while walking the dog.

Dig through the purple corduroys and wool sweater dresses until those winter clearance treasures are found. Dress up, have fun and spend smart.